Welcome to 2022 classes!

If you are wondering how you can teach about active European citizenship, BFGTOEU is the programme for you. It provides all the background videos (under 5 minute each), detailed lesson plans, lesson slides and knowledge quizzes that you might need to get the children to think analytically about the European Union and Ireland’s role in it. This is not a pro-EU programme. It’s a programme to develop analytical skills and critical thinking towards active citizenship.

The programme is the result of a collaboration between a primary teacher and a college lecturer – it combines the best pedagogical tools with the most recent academic debates made engaging and hands-on for the classroom.

The EU has become so much part of our daily life through Brexit, searching for solutions to climate change or the migration crisis, and working together on Covid vaccines, for example. It is time that we get our young members of the society talking about it! We have completed registration for 2022 but email us if you want to join in 2023.

This programme lasts 6 weeks. It is very flexible and you can tailor it to your needs. For 2022, here is what we are offering:

  • Introductory session where we go through the programme with you
  • Direct access to all supporting material (downloadable)
  • Readily available support from our team throughout the year

Make sure to register each teacher in the school so that they each get acknowledged in the end-of-year BFGTOEU plaque!

Free CPD course

In August 2022, we will run an online and in-person CPD course on BFGTOEU. It will be free of charge and EPV approved.

It will be divided into interactive lectures in the morning on EU topics and workshops on how to teach BFGTOEU throughout active learning and hands-on activities.

eTwinning activities

What best way to experience the reality of the European Union for young children than to meet other children (even virtually) in classrooms in other EU countries? We will set up two activities through the eTwinning platform which will coordinate and we will match the classrooms which wish to join in. The matched classrooms will share their project result and exchange during a short Zoom call coordinated by us.

Europe Day Zoom Quiz

We will organise on 9 May 2022 Europe Day Zoom Quizzes with classrooms from Ireland and across the EU.

There will be a quiz for each level: 1st & 2nd class, 3rd and 4th class, 5th and 6th class. Children love seeing their counterparts in other countries and even across Ireland! It’s a great opportunity to have fun while learning a little more about the EU.

Interactive event with MEPs

Members of the European Parliament will contribute to one live event through Zoom. Children will be able to submit their questions in advance.

Get a plaque!!

  1. Register your class
  2. Get the class to fill out a KWL form before the first BFGTOEU class and one week after the last BFGTOEU class
  3. Upload the KWL form
  4. Receive the perpetual plaque which will include each participating teacher’s name and their class level.