KidZone Games



Children are asked to help Seamie to fix the European Union flag. It engages the children in assembling the flag step by step while revising what they learnt in lesson 1. This game focuses on the main symbol of the EU which children are most likely to come across in their everyday life.


Children are asked to recall the symbols of the European Union which were discussed in class. They need to match those symbols with key pictures representing what the European Union stands for. This game focuses on the key symbols and values of the European Union.


Children are asked to think about the member states of the European Union. They need to match the symbols for each country with the flag of the relevant member state. This game focuses on the cultural diversity of the countries which belong to the EU club.


Children are asked to recall key events which have marked the construction of the European Union and place them in chronological order. The reference event is that of the signature of the Maastricht treaty in 1992. All other events need to be placed in reference to that key event. This game gives children the opportunity to learn a little more about the construction of the EU.