Junior & Senior Class Lessons

This programme is about developing an understanding of Ireland being part of a bigger club. It enables children to recognise the symbols of this club: the flag, the currency, the anthem and compare them with the national symbols.

Junior and Senior Class Lesson 1

Jnrs and Snrs Lesson 1

This lesson focuses on Ireland as a country which is part of something bigger, the European Union. It uses maps to show the local, national and European levels. It finishes with the unusual design of the European Union flag – 12 stars in a circle on a blue background.

Junior and Senior Class Lesson 2

Jnrs and Snrs Lesson 2

In this lesson, the children discuss the concept of a club. They learn the reason for the creation of the EU. Most importantly, they make the EU smoothie and discover for themselves that countries coming together make something new… the EU!

Junior and Senior Class Lesson 3

Jnrs and Snrs Lesson 3

Through playing shop, children find out that the Euro is not used in all countries in the European Union. They also discover the concept of changing money and use their mathematical skills to buy toys from the toy shop in London or Paris!HIDE

Junior and Senior Class Lesson 4

Jnrs and Snrs Lesson 4

This lesson focuses on the positives and difficulties of working together, as it is the case in the European Union between the 27 countries. Through reading the Day the Crayons Quit and getting the children to colour together large A3 sheets, they take ownership of what team work really means.

Teams Introduction Session, 18/01/21

Please click on the video. It goes through the four lessons which make up the BFGTOEU course for Juniors and Seniors. This is the perfect programme to do during remote teaching. Each lesson includes a fun four question quiz for the children. Please consider Kidszone as well – The EU flag and Tour the EU with Seamie are particularly appropriate for this level.