Learning objectives and materials


The children should be enabled to:
  • Begin to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to realise that the actions of one individual can affect the feelings of another.
  • Listen and respond to the opinions and views of others.
  • Realise that Ireland is part of a large community called the European Union. Explore with the children the fact that these countries try to work together.

Key words:

  • Ireland, maps, Europe, continent, countries, globe, European union, similar, different, weather, food, money, currency, flag, helping, positive, negative, feelings, unique, creative


  • Map/Globe of world/Europe, flags of European Union members,
    Book: ‘The day the crayons quit’ by Drew Daywalt.
    Published by HarperCollin’s Children’s Books, London Bridge Street, London SE1 9GF.
    First published in 2013.
    ISBN 978-0-00-751376-5
    Lego or building blocks
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