What you might need to know

This lesson is about the Euro. This is not a symbol of the EU like the flag because only 19 out of the 27 countries in the club use the Euro as their currency. Some countries have decided not to use it like Denmark or Sweden and some countries do not meet the minimum economic criteria to use it like Croatia or Hungary.

The Euro and cent coins are all identical on the face which has the value with a map of the EU, the amount and the 12 stars from the flag. The tail side has the symbol of one of the countries of the Eurozone. You can use any Euro no matter the symbol at the back in all the countries using the Euro.

The game in this lesson is about playing shop. It is about getting the children to choose to go either to the French toy shop where they can spend their Euro without changing them or go to the Copenhagen toy shop. However in Copenhagen, they have to go to the bank to change their Euro into Kroner because Denmark uses Kroner and not the Euro.

The children usually really enjoy picking their toy and paying for it with fake money. It also gets them to use their mathematical skills.