What you might need to know

This is a short video about what you might need to know on Ireland and the European Union before walking into the class. It gives you the main facts about why and when the European Union was created and when Ireland joined the club.

  • The European Union is a club which counts 28 members (countries)
  • It was created in 1951 to bring peace to the continent of Europe. Germany and France had started two world
    wars in the first half of the 20th century with millions of people dying.
  • The European Union was seen as a solution to get countries to work together and through getting to know each
    other, work in harmony rather than go to war
  • On 9 May 1950, the French Foreign Affairs Minister, Robert Schuman, makes a declaration calling on the
    creation of a European Union. This is why, every year, Europe Day is on 9 May.
  • At first, only 6 countries decide to take part: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • They only decide to work together when it comes to coal and steel, two key materials used to make weapons
    and ammunitions.
  • In 1957, these 6 countries decide that working together was successful. They want to work together in other
    areas than just coal and steel. They start including other areas like agriculture.
  • In 1973, Ireland decides to join the club. It comes in with the UK and Denmark.
  • Over the years, the club is going to grow until 2013 with the latest member, Croatia, coming in.
  • In March 2019, the UK is leaving the EU.
  • The UK is a puzzle country with four pieces: England and Wales who both voted to leave the EU and Scotland
    and Northern Ireland who both voted to stay in the EU. But since there are more people in England + Wales
    than in Scotland + NI, the whole of the UK is leaving.
  • Why? Because the UK did not like the rules of the EU club. They wanted to make their own rules and make
    their own deals with other countries.