What you might need to know

In this class, we look at some of the key policies the EU has developed.

  • Before going into those, we look at the principle at the heart of the EU mechanism which we have mentioned before. It is shared sovereignty. This means that when a country joins the EU club, it decides to share or pool its sovereignty with other countries in key areas that were delegated to the EU in the European treaties.
  • One of the very first EU policies to be created was the Common Agricultural Policy. It used to take up 75% of the EU budget but over time the portion of money allocated has been reduced to 35% with the rest of the money going to other policies like regional funds, the environment or consumers protection.
  • I’m including a link which you might want to look at and focus on certain EU policies. There’s also a fantastic link about EU myths uncovered. It’s really worth a look.

EU myths uncovered: https://ec.europa.eu/ireland/news/key-eu-policy-areas/euro-myths-uncovered_en#Myth2 

Key EU policies for Ireland: https://ec.europa.eu/ireland/news/key-eu-policy-areas_en