My Big Friendly Guide to the European Union

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From Juniors to 6thclass, my Big Friendly Guide to the European Union develops knowledge, curiosity and debate about Ireland and the European Union.

Why did we decide to put together this programme? For fifteen years, college students have largely expressed their lack of awareness and knowledge of the principles, goals and values of the European Union. They just do not know what it is, what is does, what it is for.

In an era when all school children talk about Donald Trump, we thought we could channel this appetite for current affairs onto a more immediate club to which Ireland belongs and has a great daily impact on the country. We want to discuss both the achievements and the shortcomings of the European Union when it comes to Ireland.

This programme aims to build a continuity of education between primary school through secondary school to third level education.

Knowledge is power, power to improve the world we live in.

Meet The Team

Dr Emmanuelle Schön-Quinlivan

Director of the BSc in Government and Political Science
Lecturer in European politics
Department of Government
University College Cork

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Ms Trish Collier

Primary School Teacher
Assistant Principal II
Kilmurry National School
Lissarda, County Cork

Meet the Advisory Board

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Graham Clifford is  a feature writer, reporter and broadcast journalist since 2000. Mainly for the Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, University College Cork, the Irish Independent and the RTÉ Radio 1 Drivetime programme. Also a Contributing Editor to StoryLab. Founder of the Sanctuary Runners movement and Together Ireland.

Andrew Peterson is Professor of Character and Citizenship Education and Deputy Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. In broad terms his research focuses on the relationship between character and citizenship education, particularly the nature of civic virtues. 

Cathríona Jones graduated with a B.Ed and German from Mary Immaculate College in 2004. Postgraduate courses include an M.A in Art and most recently a Diploma in Law and Education from Kings Inn College. Currently employed as a part-time associate with the NIPT (National Induction Programme for Teachers) as well as teaching 2nd class at Sunday’s Well Boys School in Cork. Has a keen interest in improving literacy and language outcomes in Deis Schools. 

Laura Donovan Kenna graduated with a degree in European Integration Studies and Italian from UCC, this was followed by a postgraduate in Primary Education. She recently completed a further postgraduate in Leadership in Education from Maynooth University. She is involved with her schools Green School program and her special interest areas include DEIS education, language skills and equal opportunities for everyone.

Kasper Tonsberg Schlie is an Educational Officer with the Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO). DEO is a Danish debate organisation aiming to further participatory democracy in Europe through a nuanced discussion on the politics and workings of the EU. It has developed numerous teaching and educational material on Denmark and the EU for primary and secondary schools.

Dr Philip Murphy is a lecturer in political science in University College Cork. His research focuses on political socialisation and engagement. He is currently working on publications in the following areas; the measurement of political efficacy, the relationship between political trust and efficacy, and the role of gender in political engagement. He edited the Irish Political Studies Data Yearbook for the period 2012-2014.

Sinéad Casey is a 2nd class teacher at Our Lady Immaculate School in Darndale, Dublin. Following a degree in International Business with Languages she moved to the UK to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education from Newman University in Birmingham. Sinéad has experience teaching a range of ages and has taught both at home and abroad. She has a special interest in DEIS education and her passions include exposing children to language learning and encouraging girls to engage in sport.