5th and 6th Class Lessons

This programme enables the children to debate what are the functions of the European Union. It focuses on the differences between the single market and the customs union, two central aspects of the Brexit negotiations. It ends with a European Council simulation on the topic of the migration crisis.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 1

Lesson 1

This lesson starts with a discussion on the creation of the European Union and moves onto Ireland’s decision to join the EU. It concludes with the symbols of the EU.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 2

This lesson is all about Brexit, why it happened, who decided, what it means for the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU and what happens after Brexit.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 3

lesson 3

This lesson discusses everything related to the Customs Union, the External Tariff and the Single Market. These are at the heart of the EU membership with the four freedoms of movement.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 4

Lesson 4

In this lesson, the children take on different roles to discuss, question and draw the topic of the Single Market. This is a role-based class to put in practice what they learn in lesson 3 and build on it with knowledge of the Schengen area.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 5

This lesson is dedicated to the European institutions, how they work together and what policies are made. It is a long lesson which you offer you to pick and choose the policies you wish to cover.

5th and 6th Class Lesson 6

This lesson is entirely dedicated to the migration crisis and the European Council simulation which will take place on this subject. All the instructions are included under Resources.