1st and 2nd Class Lessons

This programme enables the children to discuss why the EU club was created. It focuses on similarities and differences between the countries in the club while debating the benefits and challenges of belonging to the European Union.

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 1

This lesson is about Ireland and the European Union. It introduces children to the local, national, European and global levels.

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 2

This lesson focuses on explaining the concept of a Union through a parallel with a club. It also is hands on with smoothie-making!

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 3

This lesson discusses the symbols of the European Union like the flag or the anthem as well as the Euro currency.

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 4

This lesson moves away from the European Union to explore some of its members like France and Italy.

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 5

This lesson hopes to spark a debate about how you make decisions in a large group. It gets the children to colour in groups.

1st and 2nd Class Lesson 6

In this lesson, children discuss how easy or difficult it is to travel around the European Union depending on the passport you have.

Introduction session for 1st and 2nd class teachers, 19/01/21

This is the video of the Introduction Session run for 1st and 2nd class teachers. It outlines the programme and runs through the details of the six lessons you will be doing with your students. Don’t hesitate to check out Kidszone – the first two games as well as Tour the EU with Seamie are very appropriate for 1st and 2nd class.